Popcorn Movie – the Spiritual Cinema Circle

Combining entertainment with personal growth, which provides important messages about life, love and the world we live in, a subscription-based monthly spiritual movie club.

I’m not quite remember where did I first get to know Spiritual Cinema Circle, the first motive that lured me to subscribe to it is the movie The Secret. And it’s free for the first month.

I’m amaze and admire on their hard work to search for the inspiring and heart warming movies for its members every month. Not every movie will be selected, “We look for movies that ask who we are and why we’re here, AND leave you feeling at least a little bit better about being a human being after you’re finished watching it,” said Stephen Simon, the co-founder of Spiritual Cinema Circle.

It was astonishing to me when I received my first DVD set way back on last year in December. I particularly like those short, yet meaningful movies which touch my heart sometimes, and put me to a lot of thinking.

And you know what, attached there an Organic Popcorn which made my kids shout and jump. They never seen raw popcorn and they were all so excited to see it. When I put it into the oven and bake it, with the ‘pop, pop’ sound and the paper turned into a balloon shape, their excitement run to the highest as well.

We eat the popcorn while we were watching the movie.

On the following weekend, my children requested to watch the movie again. Without knowing the exact name of the movie, they explained to me it’s the movie came with the popcorn, the popcorn movie! This has become our common phrase at home for the movies.

As a member, you’ll receive four uplifting and inspiring films on high quality DVDs: generally a full-length feature, a documentary and two shorts. You can build a library of inspiring movies that are yours to keep – you never have to return anything, so you can watch your favorites time and again.

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