Why Buy a New Television Now?

Have you been using the same older television for a number of years? Perhaps you are somewhat satisfied with the performance of your current iptv premium set, but you can not help but notice all the new high tech televisions with impressive pictures on the market today. There are so many televisions available now which have superior picture quality, as well as being high definition ready, that it is a smart choice to buy a new television set at this time. Since prices are now lower than ever before, and with the digital age now upon us, a new television set is simply a smart investment.

At this time, prices on new televisions in the UK are at an all time low. Thanks to the increased competition of so many companies producing the newest generation of televisions, the consumer benefits with low prices. In addition to the excellent choice and low prices today, there is another important reason to consider buying your new television now: the dawn of high definition. The older analogue signals, which provide picture to the older generation of tv’s, are being phased out completely. By the year 2012, all television signals in the UK will be digital only, and unless your television is a newer one which can receive the digital signal, you will be unable to watch tv broadcasts at all unless you either replace your TV or buy a set top box.

The first, and most obvious, difference you will find is in the vastly improved picture quality. The difference between the display of older televisions and that of newer ones is simply amazing. With the newer LCD and Plasma tv’s, the picture is far more sharp, and more lifelike than anything that was possible with the older analogue televisions. You will also find that the new televisions have superior sound quality, and are even are able to connect to home theatres and gaming consoles, bringing sound quality to the level of a movie theatre experience.

Most televisions available today will be either plasma or LCD. Each has it’s benefits, and which you choose depends primarily upon the size you are seeking. LCD tv’s come in a far wider range of sizes: from about 14 inches up to 50 inches and more. With plasma televisions, sizes available are limited to the very large sizes, beginning at about 37 inches. Both of these televisions do process digital pictures, so you will be prepared to watch all your favourite programmes in high definition on either. There is another option for those who wish to receive both analogue and digital signals on their television, the IDTV. This tv can display both sorts of signals, however it does tend to cost quite a bit more than the other two types.

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