Got a Bad ny vape pens Habit? – Here is How to End Your Bad ny vape pens Habit Forever

Do you have a bad smoking habit? Do you think your ny vape pens habit is so bad that you will never be able to quit smoking? Well stop thinking that way. You can stop smoking, people quit smoking every day. They are not stronger than you are, they were either persistent enough or found a smoking cessation method that worked for them. The truth is you can quit smoking, as a matter of fact you can do it quite easily.

The truth of the matter is that if you have been smoking for any length of time you do have a bad habit. Smoking becomes and addiction in two ways. It is both a physical addiction to nicotine and a psychological addiction to the familiar smoking related activities; in other words, a habit.

After you smoke for a while you brain begins to connect everyday activities with the act of smoking. That is why normal activities trigger an urge to smoke. Drinking a cup of coffee, getting together with friends, driving in your car, a stressful day at work all become associated in your mind with smoking.

Most smoking cessation aids focus on the physical addiction to nicotine but it is really the psychological habit of smoking that causes most smokers to be unsuccessful at quitting smoking. The addiction to nicotine passes within a week or so of quitting smoking. But a bad smoking habit lies deep in your mind and can cause you to smoke weeks, months, even years after quitting.

The good news is that there are quit smoking aids that focus on removing the psychological addiction to smoking. One example is hypnotherapy. A smoker sits in a hypnotherapy session with a therapist and is put into a state of deep relaxation. The therapist then tries to make “suggestions” to the smoker to help remove the desire to smoke. Unfortunately not everyone is susceptible to becoming hypnotized or they may not be able to afford sitting in on multiple hypnotherapy sessions.

An even better method to remove the psychological addiction or habit of smoking is NLP. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is a therapy technique that has been used for years to help people break bad habits. It has recently been applied to help people quit smoking with amazing results. A recent test of 5,000 smokers who used NLP to stop smoking showed an incredible 97.2% success rate.

NLP, like hypnotherapy, targets the areas of the mind where the addiction of smoking resides and reprograms it, removing the cravings to smoke. Smokers who use NLP to remove their smoking cravings are often amazed at how simple it is to quit smoking, the desire to smoke is simply gone.

The beauty of NLP is in its simplicity. To remove the cravings to smoke all you have to do is listen to an NLP recording. You do not have to see a professional. You can quit smoking with NLP in your own home. Even if you think you have a bad smoking habit that cannot be cured NLP can easily and permanently remove your psychological cravings to smoke paving the way for you to become smoke-free forever.

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