BUY VERIFIED ADWORDS ACCOUNT: This AdWords Tutorial will discuss the various Ad Extensions you can create. Ad Extensions enable you to display extra information about your business along side your ad. They can make your ad more prominent and visually attractive. This usually results in a higher CTR and considering it doesn’t cost you anything to set them up I would strongly recommend using them especially the site-links extensions.

Please note Ad Extensions only work for text ads on the Google network.

There are three main ad extensions.

Location Extensions

Phone Extensions

Site-Links Extensions

You can access the ad extensions menu by logging into your AdWords account and on the Campaigns menu click on the “Ad Extensions” tab.

Location Extensions

The location extension allows you to ad your business address to your AdWords ad. The map will usually placed at the bottom of the ad. There are two ways you can add the address. You can either add the address from your Google Places page (recommended method) or you can ad the address manually. If you are manually entering the address made sure you enter it correctly. Also note that Google sometime has trouble verifying addresses and if this happens then the only way to add your address is through Google Places.

Phone Extensions

If you are targeting mobile devices you can ad your phone number to the ad. The contact number will only displayed to mobile devices using the Google search network. The phone number replaces the destination URL at the bottom of the ad and when the person clicks on the number the specify number is dialed. You are charge every time the phone number is click.

Site-links Extensions

The site-links extension enables you to create up to 4 additional links to your website. The links will placed just above the display URL. Ad site-links are really useful if you have a large website and you want to create links for each section of the website. They are also useful if you are running seasonal campaigns and you want to advertise them. Just make sure to delete them when the campaign is over!

One thing to note here is even though you can create site-links its down to Google if they are shown. Generally speaking only ads with a high quality score will have their site-links shown so if your site-links are not been display then you need to work on getting your quality score increase.

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