Volunteering in Thailand: What to Expect

When you volunteer in Thailand, slot thailand expect action-packed adventure with your volunteer work as well as your side-trips to some unique destinations in the country. Great adventure and unforgettable experiences are waiting to happen for you in Thailand. First, here is a list of exciting volunteer work Thailand programs that you can participate in. Any of these programs is guaranteed to give you a life-changing adventure-packed experience.

Volunteer Work with Elephants – One of the many tourist attractions in Thailand is its elephants. There are a number of elephant camps or sanctuaries in Thailand that preserve these elephants. It can be a real exciting experience to work with these mammals as a volunteer in Thailand. Not only will it give you a chance to work up-close with the elephants but you will also get to contribute something for their preservation. Volunteering in Thailand with the elephants is located mostly in Surin as well as in the Elephant Camp in Thailand. Volunteers will be working alongside professional elephant trainers in an environment with lush green mountains in the backdrop.

Volunteer Work with Children – Another wonderful volunteer work Thailand is getting involved with helping children. This includes child care projects in orphanages, care centers, centers for the mentally challenged or disabled children, and English teaching projects in the primary and secondary schools. Getting involved with the children on a day-to-day basis may not be easy at all but it can also be physically and mentally rewarding because it will make you feel young because of a lot of playing with the children and entertaining them aside from regular work.

Volunteer Work with Monks – There are a number of monasteries in Thailand where you can volunteer teaching English to novice Buddhist monks. Work is mostly from Monday to Friday only and will involve assisting Thai teachers with English education. Volunteering in Thailand under this project is a unique opportunity because volunteer works with monks is a program not offered in many other volunteer destinations. While you work with them, you can get to know more about their way of life and many aspects in their quality of living.

Volunteer Work in Healthcare – Healthcare volunteers are very much needed in Thailand as there are so many people in this country who have limited access to healthcare. If you volunteer in Thailand under healthcare projects, you may be assigned to assist in providing community education on certain health issues, visit communities, conduct medical or dental missions, or work in healthcare facilities under a trained staff. Healthcare project is one of the projects that have the biggest impact in the country because of the obvious need of many people for healthcare.

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