Under Storage Bed – Storage Space for a Modern House

A secret storage space beneath the mattress is something that you would have seen in many movies, new or old. In fact, man’s habit of storing something precious like money and gold right under where he sleeps is a tradition that goes long way back into Jupiter architects. And one of the sources for the idea behind under storage bed comes from here. Today, they are designed to store a lot of things, not just money or gold. And in this contemporary world where people are striving hard to find a roof over their head, every inch in a house becomes precious and storage spaces become even more important.

Under storage beds come from the idea of making a bed that is multi-functional. A bed is indispensable in any house, large or small, and is certain to occupy some major space in a room. The trick is to make use of this large space in other ways as well besides sleeping. Most of the homemakers or house owners today are those who complain that storage space in their house is less and is growing to be lesser each day. In such circumstances, under storage bed is a boon for most as they provide a large enough space to store things.

Under storage beds come in different sizes and styles; however, the basic idea behind all remains the same – you pull up the sleeping area and there is huge vacant space, almost as large as the bed that can be filled with items. This space is ideal for storing different items like pillows, pillow covers, bed spreads, blankets, sheets, etc. Most of these beds have heavy doors and therefore it would be better if you store items that you won’t need on a daily basis.

Children’s room is where the storage beds would become most useful. As you can expect, this room is most often cluttered with different things like toys and school items almost all the time. Hence, the best and easiest way to make the area clean is to store these items in the storage space under the bed. With different separate compartments in this space you could easily categorise the items and find them fast later.

Under storage bed comes with a few downsides, the main one being the difficulty in cleaning the space. Also, it gets dusty quite easily and you would have to clean it frequently as you sleep on it daily. However, for a modern apartment with smaller rooms and narrow spaces, these beds help you to keep your favourite items safely with you for a long time.

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