Tips on How to Become a Creator of Miracles

We each can become a creator of acim podcast. Each moment is the time of miracles and life is the biggest miracle of all. It is time to awaken our consciousness to the miracle of life. This great miracle of life is in you, and you are the miracle of life. In the language of Aramaic, life haye means energy. Haye is our life force energy. It is life energy itself in the human body. Haye is also the cosmic or universal energy from which all is created. Life is within us and all around us; we are one with life itself. Become a miracle maker, a creator of miracles. There is a Sacred Code that unlocks the doorway to becoming a miracle maker or a creator of miracles.

Every feeling and every thought we hold consciously and unconsciously develops our energy. We vibrate at the frequency of our feelings and consciousness. To change our vibration, we must embrace the new thought until we feel it vibrating in the cells. Embracing is feeling. When we embrace a thought, we are creating atoms.

Jesus says Become the vibration of God by embracing the word until every atom of your body vibrates the energy of the word. When you hold the truth in your consciousness, you become the living word of God. You then learn that Spirit is the fulfillment of the need.

As you practice Sacred Heary Yoga, new, high frequencies will begin to be created within you. This is creating new atoms which will lead to a new life or being reborn. Yes, you will be reborn over and over again through the Sacred Heart Yoga Practice that creates new energy.

The Sacred Code for Miracles

The Sacred Code for Miracles is gratitude. To create a rapid change in the cell vibration, we will be using the frequency of life itself. The Aramaic form of prayer or as Jesus says, The Science of Prayer will create and generate new energy or life in your cells. This scientific formula is to embrace, feeling as deeply as possible.

FIrst, you may notice that sadness is welling up inside of you. Let the tears fall. This high frequency is doing its job by creating space within you for a purer, clearer, more vibrant energy. You are creating new atoms that will manifest a new life experience. You are being reborn into a higher, clearer and purer vibration. As you go deeper into the self and more parts of the consciousness join in the prayer, you will create atomic energy which is creation.

Second, read the prayer over and over. Go deeper into the self, feeling whatever is there. Close your eyes and say the prayer again and again until you have washed away the old and begun to be reborn into your new vibration of life. Atomic energy will be creating and generating new life within you.

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