Sahara Desert – Great & Magnificent

Sahara Desert is known as the largest excursion vers merzouga départ de marrakech on the planet. This is the hottest and most popular of all the deserts of the world. This covers around 800 to 1,200 miles of land from the north to south and from west to east it covers around 4,800 kilometers. The most beautiful land of Africa is divided without any doubt into two regions due to this great desert. The western side of the desert is bordered by Atlantic Ocean while the eastern side is bounded by the Red Sea,the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlas Mountains from the northern side of the desert.

The entire Sahara Desert is full of desert vegetation. It is a common belief that the deserted area is a bleak and barren plain and does not allow any vegetation to grow or flourish.

There are two types of deserts found around the globe; one is cold type whereas the other is hot one. The cold type desert is found around the Arctic regions where the rainfall is minimal. The cold type deserts are often covered with snow and the temperature of the area is nerve chilling for most of the months of the year. The environment makes it difficult for most of the living things to survive.

Second type of desert is hot desert. This type of desert is very warm and dry. The temperature of the area reaches to an extent making it difficult to survive. These types of deserts receive very little to no water from rain.

Sahara is the largest hot desert with an average temperature of more than 30 degree Celsius. During summers,the temperature of the area rises to 50 degree Celsius making it almost impossible for most of the living organisms to survive. The temperature during the cooler months is well below 0 degree temperatures. This area shows a great variation in the temperature in a single day.

The desert also exhibits some area which is still considered as lush and green. For the residents, the natural plants of the desert grown in the area are either for business or for feeding their families.

The land of the dessert is considered as salty and organically inactive and is the major reason for very rare vegetation. The area around the Nile River is full of flora,trees and plants, but this region is an exception as it is nourished by Nile River. One can also find some vegetation around the northern end along the Mediterranean. Olive trees are found in large quantity in the region. Some of the high land areas of Sahara exhibit some species of trees such as doum palm,oleander along with some herbs known as thyme. The most common plants that are found in the dessert are African Peyote Cactus, Eragrotis, Date Palm, Magaria etc.

These plants adapted to the harsh and killing atmosphere of the desert with less or no rain and excessive heat of the desert. These plants play a very vital role in the diets of the people and their animals to survive. The animals which are mostly found in area are foxes, baboon, cape hare, hyena etc. These animals along with a range of birds around 300 species of birds adjusted themselves with the non conducive weather of the Sahara.

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