Pounding Bodies – What Makes Football a Great Sport

That being said, เว็บพนัน does hold a special place in my life, and for me it is probably the next best, right after baseball.

Let’s explore what makes football a great sport, and what some of the benefits of playing football might be…

Length of Play: Football has a short and concise season of play. While other sports are lengthy and sometimes perhaps even too long, เว็บพนัน is the opposite. Short and sweet. My theory in the “why” of this is that football is much harder on the body, physically, than other sports, and the human body just cannot handle that kind of pounding for too long, thus forcing the season to be short. And, every game counts all that much more because so few games are played. Over a long season, each individual game does not bear such great importance, yet in a short season, every game is instrumental.

Diversity of Position: While it is true that, in professional เว็บพนัน, the offense and defense consist of different players, which is something I do not like, in amateur football, the kind we play in the schoolyard or at the local park, we all play all positions and both offense and defense.

Team Sport: Football is truly a team sport, similar to baseball. No one player can do it all. You have to rely on your teammates to pull their weight. No one player can rally the team (emotionally yes, but not actual play) and just take over – every player has to do his job. Just like you have to pull your weight, your teammate has to pull his weight. Or you will have no chance of even “being in the game”.

Chances of Winning: Any team can beat any other team on any given day. That old adage is true. On any given day, any team has an equal chance of winning. In other sports you play teams so many times that overall the better team is going to get the upper hand and overpower the other team, even if any one game can have unexpected results.

In football, you play each team once, maybe twice – in any one game, each team has an equal chance to execute proper and play a great game. Football is the great equalizer.

Physical Play: To me this is the greatest reason why football is a great sport. The physical level of play. The crushing of bodies. The pounding. The tackling. The aggression. All guys on the field are going after each other on every play. There is no better adrenaline rush than the kind you get when pound out a play in football.

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