Not Sure Whether to Get Sirius Radio?

Sirius satellite radio is a service offering 100 streams of Sirius radio featuring digital-quality,Not Sure Whether to Get Sirius Radio? Articles music, news, sports and entertainment programming. They use three satellites orbiting directly over the United States to broadcast 100 streams of Sirius radio to listeners throughout the continental US. Their monthly subscription fee is $12.95. Sirius satellite radio delivers 60 streams of 100% commercial-free music in every genre plus 40 streams of sports, news and

Starting in September, Sirius satellite radio subscribers will get the full lineup of NFL games each week. That’s right, they’re broadcasting every game including select pre-season and play-off games. You’ll get every game during the regular season, with coverage from the home team announcers. And it’s all included with your regular Sirius radio subscription: no extra charges, fees or packages. Just the best sports available. As an added bonus, they’ll be introducing the NFL Radio Network, loaded with the best football commentary and action. It will provide year-round coverage of the NFL including exclusive coverage for Sirius radio subscribers, as well as programs from the NFL Network.

Sirius Radio is better than regular radio programming because they are completely commercial free, offers original Sirius satellite radio programming not just the top 40 repeated ad naseum, and they feature news and sports channels from content providers like CNBC, FOX News, C-SPAN, NPR, PRI, and ESPN.

Sirius Radio uses statistical multiplexing technology which provides more bandwidth across the full spectrum of Sirius satellite radio streams. This means better overall sound quality and superior sound resolution. It’s near cd-quality.

The name Sirius radio comes from the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major and the Northern Hemisphere. It was named after the ancient Egyptian god Osirus, who was represented pictographically as a dog, giving Sirius its more familiar name: the Dog Star.

The Sirius satellite radio national broadcast studio complex is located in Rockefeller Center, in the heart of NYC. It is one of the largest, most sophisticated, digital broadcasting facilities in the world. The Sirius radio complex houses state-of-the-art production studios for 100 streams, plus four performance spaces for artists and musicians, and a comprehensive digital library currently housing over half a million songs.

You can get Sirius satellite receiver installed in your car or you can take Sirius radio from your car to your home, office, boat and beyond with their new Plug & Play systems.

Once you place your order the company will ship your Sirius satellite receiver fully activated and ready to use. All billing will be handled through the credit card you use to complete your purchase for Sirius radio.

With Sirius satellite radio you can still listen to terrestrial radio. Sirius radio will not prevent you from listening to your local AM/FM radio stations.

With the Plug & Play modules, you can either take Sirius satellite radio with you as you move vehicles or you may chose to buy another unit for a 2nd vehicle. If you buy a separate unit, you will need a separate subscription for each vehicle, but you can put all of your subscriptions for Sirius radio under one account and receive one bill.

At this time Sirius satellite radio is only licensed to offer service within the continental United States. Sirius Radio is not free satellite and there is a low monthly subscription fee.

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