Idealism Versus Pragmatism: Strengths, Weaknesses, And Why Pragmatic Idealism Is Wisest!

January 6, 2021, was a day, when several historic events pragmatic88, which may have significant, relevant impacts, on both, the short, and longer – term, American Way of Life! We witnessed a mob, take over the Capitol, and caused many buildings to go into lock – down! Both Democrats, running for the Senate, from the State of Georgia, defeated their opponents (the incumbents), in a narrow way, and, after, many delays, caused, by a combination of partisan politics, and the mob’s insurrection, etc, the Congress, finally, certified the results of the November Presidential Elections, certifying Joe Biden, Jr, as President. Finally, for the first time, President Trump, stated there would be an orderly transition, of government. President Biden will begin, with control of both Houses, ensuring a greater possibility, of a degree of cooperation, and open – discussion, on many issues, the current, Senate Majority Leader, refused to even, discuss on the Senate’s floor! However, history tells us, when, the party – in – power, proceeds, too quickly, or is perceived as being too radical/ extreme, the public quickly votes them out. Therefore, while many, may be impatient, and their idealistic instincts, tell them, to reach for more, and others, are pragmatic, and settle, too easily, the best approach, should be, to combine these, and proceed, with pragmatic idealism! In light of that, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, what this means and represents, and why, the latter option, is, often, the wisest path.

1. Idealism: Ideally, health care, etc, would be free, for everyone, and would provide the highest level of medical treatment, etc! However, because, this nation, is so narrowly – split, along partisan – lines, we often, discover, when so many resist a path, it is wisest, to present alternatives, which will have a better chance, of getting approved, etc! This concept is true, generally, regardless of specific issue, and there is often, a narrow – line, between fighting for what’s right, and getting something achieved!

2. Pragmatism: While pragmatic approaches, might form, a greater chance, for some sort of consensus, unless/ until, relevant, sustainable issues, are thoroughly, addressed, serve little constructive purposes! For example, while it was pragmatic to pass the recent, compromise legislation, in order to so something, for those, in – need, the reality is, it probably, will be less than a stellar success, because we are currently, at a place – in – time, when much more, is needed!

3. Pragmatic idealism: Ideally, we might proceed, with idealistic, meaningful, relevant, sustainable, intentions, but, rather than, simply, articulating, pie – in – the – sky, with little viable chance of approval, etc, we would seek a meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good, which addressed the challenges, effectively, while getting things done, effectively!

Doesn’t pragmatic idealism, make more sense, and is wiser, than proceeding, in an unrealistic, ideal way, or a pragmatic one, which doesn’t address, and/ or, achieve, what’s needed, and necessary? Wake up, America, and demand your political leaders, achieve, while using common sense!

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