How to Make an Independent Theater Unforgettable

A small, independent home theater installation Los Angeles is about the love of films that are shown there. Your customers love movies and you love to show them movies. Why not let them enjoy their favorite classics and oldies in the most comfortable theater seating? It doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to create a great environment in your small, independent theater.

What makes a great theater? First off, the movies you show is what gets people to come to your theater. But the way to get them to come back is to create a great environment that is comfortable, fun and relaxing. Touches like comfortable theater seating, a great concession stand, great sound and theater lighting can all enhance the experience of your customers and turn them into return customers.

For your customers, they want a different experience. That is why they are frequenting an independent theater, instead of a big chain. These customers are looking for a community feeling instead of a faceless corporation. But they also want the comfort and convenience of a larger theater.

Here are a couple of tips on how to take your independent theater space from good to great:

– Great concessions. Be creative in the things you offer people to snack on while they enjoy their movie. For example, instead of just popcorn, why not offer kettle corn or caramel corn or cheese popcorn? Or a bar with a choice of toppings for your popcorn?

Also consider pairing up with a local business that makes candy or snacks. Providing a handmade treat may appeal to your independent minded audience and give them something a little more delicious when they are enjoying their next movie. This is also a detail that can make your theater distinct in your community. Not only do you show independent movies, you will be the only theater in town that offers a special type of food, creating a unique experience for your customers.

– Great seating. Consider theater seating that is comfortable, durable and the highest quality for your customers. From seating that reclines all the way, with seating that offers special audio enhancements or even just seating that can help economize your space, you can find something that will be ideal for your audience. The choice is yours to help your customers relax and enjoy the show.

The good news is that theater seating is available in a range of sizes and styles. Theater seating can be placed in standard rows or in curved rows. Even seating that has tough stain resistant fabrics is available. Additionally, there are seats that can be easily installed without special tools that can work for your theater space.

There are styles that can work with your theater, whatever the size. You can choose classic theater seating or you can consider taking a more independent bent. For example, you can get pillow top styles, or classic lines that are neat and streamlined. There are an infinite number of choices available and all are guaranteed for years. Because of the quality of fabrics and leathers, as well as the top quality production from companies like Berkline and Palliser, you can feel confident that your purchase will last.

Ultimately, you can find the range of styles, prices and fabrics at the Theater Seat Store. We have expert consultants available now to discuss your theater seating needs, so give us a call.

-Themed events. Another great way to keep the customers coming is through themed nights or weeks. For example, spend a week showing classic movies that relate to the same theme as a contemporary movie. If it is about vampires, think about the different remakes of Dracula that have come out of Hollywood.

Add to this idea by including fun themed decorations all around the theater. Change the movie posters in your theater to have classic Dracula movies. Have the ushers wear fangs or fake blood – take the theme to new heights. Even consider special concessions that account for some of the movie themes – coffin candies from a local chocolate maker. Even think about tying it to Halloween week and include a trick or treat night for the kids.

– Great lighting. Lighting can add a lot to an environment, giving people the feeling they are truly at the movies. A great environment with lighting can be created by having special details like cup holders with lighting or lighting that comes from the bottom of the home theater installation Los Angeles seating.

The key to great theater lighting is that it should be subtle and come from a variety of sources. The idea is to ease people into the darkness of the movie theater. By using different types of lighting, you can create the environment that people are looking for when they enter the movie theater. A movie is an experience and lighting is a big part of setting up that experience for your customers.

– Interesting decorations. A theater is about environment, so consider what types of decorations are on the walls and scattered throughout the theater. Put up classic movie posters that represent the types of movies your audience will appreciate. It’s more about connecting with the types of movies you know they enjoy and will enjoy. Be sure to try and include posters of coming attractions, so you can entice them back for more!

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