How Safe Is It to Hire Housekeeping Staff Without Verification?

These are some of the recent shocking headlines that we got to read in the newspapers. And it does not really take Einstein’s brains to figure out the common link connecting these 먹튀검증업체.

Housekeeping staff have become the lifeline of modern India with increasing demands from not just the hospitality industry, but also corporate, educational institutions, healthcare industry and upper and middle class households in the big cities. The agencies supplying housekeeping staff are also mushrooming to bank on the surge in demand, which almost looks like the beginning of a home service staff industry.

This increase in demand has also led to a steep rise in cases of crime involving these helps and this is where background verification becomes of utmost importance. Verification of perspective workers would reduce the risk of bad hire that could affect your establishment; and for agencies, their clients, adversely. More often than not we rely on our gut instincts when interviewing personnel to take care of our offices, houses, hospitals etc., without realising that a higher degree of due diligence is needed as these personnel work very closely with the internal system.

Some guidelines that companies can adopt while hiring housekeeping staff directly or though an agency for a safe and profitable environment:

  • Careful examination of the application: It is important to check whether the individual has provided all the necessary information. Many a times an untoward incident can be averted with proper scrutiny of the application. Some of the pointers for checking could be: excessive cross-outs or changes; insufficient or incomplete information like previous employment details; previous supervisor details; gaps in employment history etc.
  • Check previous employment details and any gaps in between: For housekeeping staff, not checking past job performance details can become a costly affair. The employer must also be concerned about unexplained gaps in employment.
  • Personal reference and criminal check: Verification of the personal details and criminal records can go a long way in averting unfortunate incidents. Employers should also keep a track record of personnel information and update it periodically.
  • Verification of the supplier agency: With fly by night supplier agencies cropping up in every nook and corner, employers have to be extra careful while checking the authenticity of these vendors. Not only does one need use prudence in dealing with the agencies, but also ensure that all legal formalities are completed at the start of the relationship. The agencies should also be conducting background verification of the staff they would supply from a credible third party.
  • Educational verification: Employers should also conduct educational qualification verification there is any or if the position demands so.
  • It should be a must for all employers to issue and maintain photo identity cards for all employees and also conduct surprise audits for them.

The old phrase, “Trust but Verify”, applies when hiring for any position and holds true for hiring housekeeping staff as well. In the interest of your company and your employees, it is best to have a background verification partner do the due diligence on your behalf. It would help in ensuring to a certain extent that the staff whom you are hiring are likely to be responsible, reliable and safe employees. And thus help in company’s northward progression.

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