Getting More “Google Love”: The Power of an Optimized Google+ Business Page

Why use Google+ for business? It’s more than just a late-arriving competitor of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Because Comprar avaliações Google is the most widely used search engine in the world (compiling almost 65% of all internet searches), having a Google+ page for your business gives you enhanced search visibility. An active and current Google+ business page shows prospective customers that you’re engaged and establishes you as a thought leader (by way of posts and Google+ Authorship) – not to mention boosting your page ranking!

So, now that you know why you need a Google+ business page, how do you create it? There are several steps. Keep in mind that Google may already have created a Google+ business page for your company; if this is the case, be sure to “claim” it. If you don’t claim your page and optimize it, your business won’t be found. The steps for claiming and optimizing your Google+ business page are outlined below:

2) Go to “Google My Business” and search for your business by entering your phone number. If you don’t find it there, create a Google+ page for your business (link at bottom). Add additional information, photos and posts.

3) Verify your business page. This is essential if you want your Google+ page to be searchable across the Google properties, to make any edits visible, and to track visitor information. An image will display with your business address and location; make sure this is correct. Google will send your business a postcard with a verification URL. Visit the URL and log in with the same account used to request the verification postcard. Then enter the verification code in your “My Business” dashboard.

4) Connect your business website with your Google+ page. Go into the “Page” section and hit the “Link Website” button next to the business website’s URL. This will need to be approved and verified; you’ll receive an email when this is complete and your URL will have a check mark next to it on your page.

1) Google+ Page: Make sure your SEO title includes your company name. Don’t stuff keywords here, as it looks manipulative to Google. You can also create a custom URL for your Google+ page and make it shorter while maintaining your branding within it (as opposed to a generic URL). The SEO meta description (tagline and the first two sentences of your introduction) must be no longer than 160 characters; this is where you want to add at least two of your SEO keywords. Google+ Authorship smartly allows you to claim other content on article sites and tie them to your Google+ page, further enhancing your visibility.

2) Content Posting: Work to build a following so that your content can circulate widely, and share the posts with your existing circles. When posting shared content, be sure to include a short summary and include the link in the attachment area, not the summary. This gives you a DoFollow link, which passes the “link juice” to the website you’re linking to and encourages reciprocity from their site to yours. Also, use hashtags (#) when posting about popular or relevant topics, and encourage reviews and comments.

3) Link your other social media accounts to your page. If you have a YouTube business channel, you’ll definitely want to connect it to your Google+ business page, since Google owns YouTube. You’ll benefit from the increased search visibility.

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