Get Pregnant Over 40 With Pregnancy Miracle

It can be difficult to get pregnant over 40. Years of poor lifestyle choices can cause both the male and female reproductive function to decline. There is of course also a natural age related decline in fertility. Pregnancy acim, by Lisa Olsen, addresses both of these issues for women and helps them get pregnant over 40. Pregnancy Miracle also has been successful for women who are younger with infertility. There are testimonials on the website from women who have tried to get pregnant for years and were finally successful using the instructions in the book.

The main “secret” in the book Pregnancy Miracle is the use of Chinese herbs. The Chinese have been treating infertility successfully for centuries. Modern scientific studies done in China prove a 70% success rate after 6 months. This is for all types of infertility. A few isolated studies in Europe also prove these numbers. Many women are coming forward and telling about how they were able to get pregnant over 40 or even with tubal infertility using these methods. Clearly this is a phenomenal success rate and can’t just be ignored.

Unfortunately, Western medical treatments have far less of a success rate with a much higher cost. IVF for instance costs anywhere from $12,000 to $20,000. Insurance rarely covers IVF. In fact, infertility testing is often not even covered by insurance. This can leave a couple who desperately want a baby childless. Women who want to get pregnant over 40 are often the hardest hit as time is definitely not on their side. Alternatively, knowing how to use and obtain Chinese Herbs in our culture without the help of a naturopath can be impossible. The services of a naturopath while usually helpful are expensive. These people are physicians in their own right and charge good money for their help. Pregnancy Miracle bypasses this problem by providing everything you need to know.

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