Enhance Your Earnings By Passing Pharmacy Technician Test

Are you aware that, Pharmacy Technician Test in America is offered by xanax for sale uk Technician Board (PTCB) The basis of the Certification test is to assess the skills and qualities of a technician, for carrying out important customer and patient related job functions inside a pharmacy. The responsibilities also include, providing safe medications to the patients and public.

PTCB was established in 1995 for preparing and offering consolidated national certification program that will be applicable to all technicians in different types of Pharmacy practice settings. The main motto of the Certification is to test the skills of pharmacy professionals, for assisting licensed pharmacist in safe serving of the patients.

The test materials for the certification are prepared by Certification Council and Pharmacy Technician Resource Panel (CCPTRP). The panel has experts from various health and pharmacy related fields, such as pharmacists, CPhTs, pharmacy technician instructors and other specialists, who have authority in this field. PTCB certification is also duly recognized and accredited by NCCA.

To maintain Certification, it is also essential to complete 20 credit hours of Continuing Education, which includes 10 credit hours college learning and 10 credit hours externship, under the direct supervision of a Pharmacist within 2 years of Certification. The Continuing Education must be finished before the expiry of the Certification or within 2 years of the Certification.

The Certification allows a technician, better employment opportunities and further career advancements in Pharmacy sector. Any technician that is holding certification and moving from one state to another can easily get employment in the pharmacies of that state. PTCB certification is also nationally accredited Certification Program.

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