Carpet Cleaning Methods – Chem-Dry Cleaning

There are several methods that can be adopted for Sonoma County House Cleaners carpets. Wet cleaning methods are, however, used more commonly. As a matter of fact, professional cleaning companies have recently come up with a technique that involves low moisture levels. This cleaning technique is known as dry-cleaning or chem-dry cleaning.

The chem-dry cleaning method is done with dry foam or dry chemicals. This technique usually works well on carpets used in high traffic areas, where wet cleaning might create a problem. Additionally, this technique is used specifically with deep cleaning.

It is a misconception that this technique does not involve water. However, little dampness is a part of the process.

The process is preceded by a pre-cleaning process wherein the carpet is cleaned for existing heavy soiling and grit with a pre-conditioner. Thereafter, the carpet is dusted with chemicals that are worked in by vigorous and repeated brushing using a brushing machine.

The carpet is then left to dry for about an hour, followed by deep vacuuming to extract the dirt suspended by chemical.

As this carpet cleaning method uses less water, it hardly takes any time to dry the carpet. In fact, it is quite possible to walk over the carpet right after the cleaning process.

With zero use of detergent and negligible amounts of water, this carpet cleaning technique does not leave behind any mold or residue. There is no risk of germ incubation, as no liquid is involved in the process.

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