Body Art – Let your tattoos do the talking

Body art, (tattoos) or (tattooing) has been a mainstay in popular culture for years, however, during the crazy nineties and the naughty noughties the lip tattooing perth popularity sky rocketed and entered the mainstream. Today you will find that tattoos is everywhere, also you may have noticed that body piercings or modifications has been closely linked to people with tattoos.

Body art are actually very common these days and are liked by a huge number of people from all walks life, these people range from rock enthusiasts to Goths to sportsmen / women and celebrities basically anyone who feels that they can express themselves through using designs on their body to convey a message or express some sort of loyalty, they can be images of anything including satanic references.

Tattoos Gang and Prison Culture

Street gangs, hoods and criminals also have a close affinity with the tattoo, they use tattoo designs on their body as a way to identify themselves and others with being affiliated with the same or a rival gang or crew. It is quite common for these sorts of people to use tattooing as a way of respecting fallen crew members, imprisoned friends or people that have died either through natural causes , criminal activities or sudden death.

There are instances where a person has undergone training and have studied gangland behavior to help the police and detectives to identify the gangs signature and culture and way of thinking, this also helps the law enforcement agencies to keep an vigilant eye on a member of a gang that they feel poses a threat.

Certainly during the last twenty odd years, tattoos were associated with people that love to be a rebel, the type of person who is outspoken and takes no s**t from anyone, this person has used tattoo designs to portray being some sort of bad ass. There are those out there who think that tattoos is disgusting and gross, this ancient art form abused or not is something that you either like it or not.

Tattoos are often a wonderful way of conveying something about yourself to others through designs, however, I can understand why someone would think they are horrible especially as there are times when you look at someone and think to yourself “You should of stopped earlier” a person can become addicted to getting inked and it may start at the back but end being a full body piece.

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