Urban Movies Rise With Solid Direction ดูหนัง

Please take a moment put away any initial thoughts of the way you think a real ดูหนัง director should sound and act doing their job. It’s tough not to want to emulate directors you respect both in style and attitude. I learned that during the independent film shoots for Consignment and In With Thieves that were produced under the flag of Slice Of Americana Films.Drug Dealing, Money, & Power.

Consignment deals with the drug trade that thrives at the street level. This fast-paced urban movie erupts into 14 on screen murders. In this business you don’t go legit. You just go.The soundtrack highlights tracks from up and coming East Coast & West Coast artists that include Custom Made Recordings, Ayreon The Don, Malice & Da Commission and Street Squad Entertainment.

Consignment is being released November 13, 2007 by Maverick Entertainment Group, Inc. one of the premiere distributors of independent cinema. Consignment will be distributed under their urban label. In With Thieves is the intense story of a Cuban cartel that practices their own version of Santeria, an African based crime group that deals in blood diamonds, ruthless Albanian gangsters, and a tough American burglary crew. This film was completed July 2007 and is represented by Mark Bosko of The Bosko Group. We are currently in pre-production for our third film.

Stash Spot is a furious urban action film. Rival criminals fight to find a fortune in cash ripped-off during a drug deal gone bad. When the stick-up artists responsible turn up dead, a bloodbath erupts as each vicious criminal makes their ruthless play to locate the money.Urban movies are on the rise in popularity with viewers. This can be seen in the exploding direct to video market where urban movies have carved out a very respectable following.Who can forget how hardcore of a director Robert Rodriguez looked on the cover of ‘Rebel without A Crew’. Rodriguez’s story inspired guerrilla filmmakers everywhere that they could shoot an ultra-low budget action movie like ‘El Mariachi’ that was entertaining, while giving the finger to the traditional way of getting a movie done.

Quentin Tarantino is a cool as they come. His style is often ‘borrowed’ from because he knows how to tell a good story using pictures. Tarantino has creative influences like all directors who grew up watching movies. The difference is Tarantino turned those influences into his own unique style.There are many more directors who make great movies and look cool doing it I didn’t mention for the sake of brevity. There’s even more directors who’s personalities and colorful nature keep them in the publics even if they haven’t had a hit movie in years. 

The cult of personality is a real factor in the world of movies. It can keep some directors working or at least in the media eye until they can turn out a good movie. In Hollywood that may work, but on the true independent side of filmmaking your image won’t get you anywhere unless you can make entertaining movies.Instead of wasting your energy to create a colorful image and developing your own cult following like a rock star.

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