Semi Permanent Eyebrows – A Beautiful Look

Semi permanent eyebrow tattoo can capture your natural beauty and keep it glowing on a more permanent basis without the need for constant maintenance. Where your eyes are meant to be the “windows of your soul”, your eyebrows are a very important feature of your face, in fact they frame the face.

By portraying a full pair of eyebrows, your face is showing a glowing vitality and a sparkling youthfulness. The beauty industry always show models with perfectly groomed eyebrows and we also want our eyebrows to look perfectly defined.

For people who are constantly on the go, applying and maintaining the eyebrows using eyebrow pencils and powder can take time, sometimes our eyebrows can give off an uneven or mis-shapen appearance, especially when we are rushing to get off to work in the morning.

Semi permanent eyebrow makeup is becoming more and more popular due to the fact it can give an attractive look without the bother of daily maintenance.

We don’t always have the time to keep looking good, sometimes we need a little help in maintaining our looks without consistent treatment. Semi permanent eyebrow makeup can keep you looking good from the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning till the time you are tucked up in bed in the evening.

This treatment can also be used to correct uneven brows, it can also be used to give a more natural youthful look to the face without the need for botox.

Two common treatments for improving the eyebrow are the “powdered eyebrow” and the “hair stroke eyebrow with 3D Simulation. The first one, the powdered eyebrow effect, gives a soft and subtle pencilled look.

This is ideal if you want to improve the shape of your brow and add definition to the border with less hair stroke definition. This treatment is especially popular with blondes, who want to achieve a soft hint of colour.

The other look is the hair stroke eyebrow. Here you can achieve a three dimensional hair stroke effect with semi permanent pigment. This is implanted in the shape of tiny hairs to mimic the hair strokes of your natural hair growth.

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