How to Build a Profitable Online Lead Business Without Amazon or Drop Shipping

My name is John McCarthy, and I am from Auckland, New Zealand. I have been successfully pitching businesses and selling all my life, and I firmly believe that where I have had success, others can too. Here’s my story, and at the end, I will also tell you how I can help you build an online lead business for free. After returning from 에볼루션카지노 주소, I started my career in Real Estate as a 20-year-old. Following my stint in Real Estate, I went into advertising with my business partner and achieved great success – we were the number one ad agency in 2000 for billings under $20 Million in New Zealand. Following this success, I sold my share of the business and took time to find my bearings before deciding on my next challenge.

While I have never been an academic or intellectual, I have always been passionate about helping others, harnessing creativity, and making money. Then one day, it dawned on me that I could use my skills to help those in the business get more leads (i.e., more customers). My first client in 2010 was an insurance adviser. The deal was that I would give the adviser leads for a half share of the generated commission. Did the commission ever arrive? No. So, what did I do next? I decided to set up in competition, generate leads, and sell insurance simultaneously. Four years later, I was flying – I made over $450,000 in my second year of selling insurance, and things couldn’t have been better.

While learning to generate leads successfully in the early days, I was always curious about automated email systems and automating various parts of my business process. Over the next four years, I discovered and experimented with an automation tool called As I was learning how to automate my business, a bell rang in my head, and I knew I was onto something big. I will never forget one of the sales team members from Active Campaign telling me to “be careful drinking from fire hydrants”. Looking back now, I know how right they were. Due to the volume of business, I even needed to hire three sales representatives. Shortly after, I was tapped on the shoulder and subsequently sold my business.

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