Check out the 10 most hotly anticipated PC games mafia city hack

The gaming headlines in 2020 have so far been dominated by the ding-dong battle between the next-gen console heavyweights: read more. The PC is still, however, a gaming powerhouse in its own right. Customisable, cost-effective and depending on your budget, easily more powerful than a console. PC games are definitely here to stay.

So we thought it was about time we shed light on 10 of the most hotly anticipated PC games due to come out this year. From the cute and cuddly, all the way to the downright cold-blooded, it’s one hell of a list.SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom-Rehydrated

One for the kiddies and adults alike, this SpongeBob game takes the form of a classic-looking 3D platformer (if you’re old enough to have experienced Super Mario 64, this’ll be your jam). With multiplayer action on offer as well, it promises to fun for the whole family.Mafia: Definitive Edition

If action-adventures are your thing—with a healthy serving of murky underworld atmosphere—Mafia: Definitive Edition will be a go-to. This remake of the original classic will make the most of a PC’s beefed-up graphics card and by the looks of this ever-so-brief teaser, it’s sure to be a winner when its August publishing date rolls around.Disintegration

Disintegration will have you blasting your way right out of the apocalypse. In this epic-looking FPS, you’ll need to jump behind the wheel of a tech-heavy Gravcycle and team up with a gang of infantry doing battle on ground-level. Epic sci-fi clashes with stunning visual and sonic components.Roller Champions

This game takes us back to slightly more family-friendly pace, highlighting thrills and spills aplenty as you compete as part of a team of three against another. All about character customisation and sharpening skills, expect to get hurt a lot (not in real life, I might add) in this spectacular race.Cyberpunk 2077

In a list of highly anticipated releases, this one’s a standout. After its delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s back on track for a September release and PC gamers are understandably excited. From the minds behind the Witcher series, it’s also set to be packed with DLC.Dirt 5

Imagine an old-school arcade racer, updated for 2020, complete with stunning graphics and smooth as silk mechanics. Dirt 5 is nothing short of classic, no-holds-barred rally adventure. Splashing mud, snow and water has never looked so real. Prepare to get dirty.Microsoft Flight Simulator

Does it get any more ‘PC’ than Flight Simulator? Hell, it’s even got Microsoft in the title. It’s also fair to say that this game has come (or flown) a long way in its 30-year existence and is now delivered with impossible realism. Prepare to max out your hard drive space though: it weighs in at a stonking 150 GB!Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass

Sure, it’s called Serious Sam, but if the trailers are anything to go by, it doesn’t take itself to seriously. Good ol’ fashioned carnage is on the menu here, so keep your young gamers away from this one. A brutal fast-paced FPS with enemies that look certifiably insane. Strap yourself in for a helluva ride.Humankind

If you’re working on some kind of God complex, Humankind might just be the 2020 release for you. Yes, you can literally rewrite history if that’s your bag. But while you’re giving into your inner control freak, it will really scratch that strategic itch for you too. The trailer featuring some Baroque synth work is baffling, but you won’t find any complaints here.

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