Are You a Miracle of Life? I Think So and Here’s Why

Imagine if you will, you’re not here. All this is gone, never acim programs, never to be experienced at all. Everything that you are currently doing, experiencing, sharing, and everything that you probably take for granted, gone. You were never even born. No one ever had the opportunity to gaze upon your smile, your frown, your tears, your laughter, your anger, your sorrow or despair, your joy, your everything else that only you could give life to, the special way that not only you give, but the special way you receive as well, simply because you were never born.

Well my friends, this did not happen, you are here, you are reading this, and regardless of where you might be coming from, you are here and now and I think that calls for a celebration. A miracle of life celebration. You see it could have very easily been how it was described above, never even here in the first place, but that was not your intention. For some reason, only known to you, you are here now. What a journey so far? If you don’t think so, I would encourage you to think about this for a moment.

A single cell, a single microscopic cell that for some reason, for only you to know, that tiny single cell, you, winning the race against all odds and the hundreds of millions of other single cells as well to be the person, that is now, standing in your shoes. Now I know what you’re thinking, this is talking about sex, right? How dare he, you cry. Are you getting offended? You should not be, because this is why every single person on this beautiful planet we all share has in common. Yes there are some exceptions, yet for the vast majority, this is how it happens. Now do me a favor, go look in the mirror, no really I will wait. Back, good, what did you see? I think you did some growing up, you are no longer that single cell anymore but are made up of trillions of cells, really who knows how many there are, but here is the point, from that single cell to the trillions of cells, that you are made of, there will never, EVER, be another person like you again. Again let’s celebrate.

I’m not sure WHY you are here, that’s for you to discover, to seek out and to have fun with. All I know is that, against odds in the hundreds of millions, you are here, now. This to me is a miracle of life. And who could argue. Some would, I suppose, but so be it. These are my thoughts.

My question now is this; how are you living your miracle of life? Are you making full use of it, or are you not doing anything with it? I am not here to judge you in any way, just to remind you that, what you experience with your body, mind, spirit, soul, emotions etc, will never be repeated again, EVER. You are the only one to bring these things to life. And the life that is yours now is for you and only you to experience, no one else can ever experience what only you are capable of. Again let’s celebrate.

So what are capable of? What is it only you can do? What is your purpose in life? Scared by these questions, you should not be. You are here for whatever reasons only you can answer. I do not know you, but I can tell you something about yourself, you have greatness inside you that you never dreamed possible, something that made “that swim” by everyone else to take the shape in the most beautiful house (body) ever created, you. No one can ever look at the world like you do, with you own eyes, no one can ever feel exactly like you do, on one can ever express like you do, this could go on forever but its true you are the one, and only. Take a deep breath and relax, overwhelmed maybe, never really thought about it before like this, maybe, Its OK I’m not here to beat you up, I’m here to wake you up.

It’s time, to live the life of your dreams, to experience things only you can experience, living to your true potential, doing whatever only you can do better than anyone else. Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. I am giving you permission; go on, go live the life of your dreams, it’s OK but I will spill the beans, I will shout to the world, screaming at the top of my lungs that (your name) is living the life of his or her dreams, living to their true potential and absolutely living into their miracle of life.

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