The Key to Your Character — The Code in the Stars — Part 1

Long ago I proved to myself that I could look at a person’s horoscope and know without question very explicit and observable things about his or her character. And because I also knew the current planetary positions and other information astrology uses to forecast trends and events in life, I could further know and explain quite clearly the themes and issues that were unfolding, needing attention and being experienced in the life of the person whose chart I was reading.

I believe in best astrologer in new york because it works. And that’s really the only test that counts for me … whether astrology gives truthful, practical, verifiable information people can rely on and use to advantage in conducting their lives, whether that information can help them know and understand themselves better, and whether it can describe and offer meaning for the experiences that happen to them.

Astrology can. I’ve proved it too many times to have any doubts.

If you’re interested in learning Astrology enough to understand what it teaches … and then objective enough to watch the world, events, and people around you, I’m confident you’ll realize yourself that Astrology works … and quite beautifully. Of course, that investment is a choice you’ll have to make, and maybe some of what you learn here will inspire you to get started. I hope so. There’s precious little in the world that can teach you as keenly or as wisely about the art of being human than a study of Astrology … if you take it with you as a tool for deciphering, interpreting, and managing your life.

But if you can accept even for the sake of argument and for a few minutes the idea that Astrology works, I think the better question is: Why does astrology work? It took me longer to come up with an acceptable answer for that one … mumbledy-odd years ago. But I have one now that fits well with the philosophy of life I have devised through the accumulated wisdom and adventures of my years – which, again for all of us, is the place where the best learning occurs.

Astrology “works” because there is unity in the universe. By saying there is “unity in the universe” I mean that everything operates in cycles, in accordance with a fundamental, underlying harmony, a natural order that is both inevitable — and predictable. There is an orderly progression in the evolutionary blossoming of all energy, all projects and developments that require attention, effort, work, structure, energy, vision, and time to mature.

In physical and practical reality, certain steps or stages have to occur before you can go on to accomplish the steps and stages that happen later. You have to plant seeds before they can sprout. Plants must sprout before them can bloom, bloom before they produce fruit, produce fruit before you can harvest the results. And from the harvest come seeds to begin the cycle again. No step can occur “out of turn.”

And because there is unity in the universe, metaphors exist all around that reflect where in the evolutionary process life is at any given time. Astrology is a way of “decoding” the various steps and stages of these unfolding progressions of energy and applying them to the individual expressions of life — people; events; everything that exists and has a history, a beginning, a development and an end — so that they can be described in words and understood intellectually.

This is the first of a three-part article with this title and on this subject. The material itself is an excerpt from “The Beginning Astrology Class at Enchanted Spirit” which is available as an ongoing series of online lectures, as an Ebook and as a print book version entitled “The Circle of Life — The Zodiac Signs and Creation’s Cycle.” Visit the website to hear audio samples and to learn more.

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