How to Pick Your Wood Exterior Doors

The importance of your wood exterior garage door ispring repair santa rosa ca, especially your front door, should never be underestimated. A good quality, bright and eye-catching door can be a home’s best feature, while a cheap, drab, or ugly door can spoil its whole look.

Take some time to pick your new doors with care, because you don’t want to notice that one imperfection every time you walk in or out of your house. You can start by getting inspiration from online sources to get an idea of what’s out there and the prices you can expect to pay, but it’s important also take the time to see your new door with your own eyes before you buy it.

There are three important aspects of getting your new wood exterior doors just right: picking the right material, picking the right price for you, and picking the style and finish that will go best with your home.

Picking Your Material

Nothing beats wood for a naturally beautiful door, but wood exterior doors don’t always come cheap. Some wooden doors are very basic while others are adorned with carved patterns and filigrees which increase the price.

If you’re thinking about the environmental impact of using wood for doors, you can easily find doors that are certified as environmentally friendly.

Fiberglass doors are on average cheaper than wood, and some are designed to look like wood. They tend to last a long time and don’t need much maintenance, but they don’t really have the same solidity, texture and inherent value as real wood.

Steel doors come the cheapest, making them more attractive to some. However, steel doors aren’t actually as strong and durable as they seem. When exposed to heavy traffic, rain, and salty air, a steel door can last less than ten years.

In truth, there’s a reason wood has long been the best choice for exterior doors worldwide.

Finding the Right Price

A good question to ask yourself is, how much door do you want?

You’ll probably be spending several hundred dollars at least, when everything is included. If you want the best wood exterior doors you can get, you could even be paying several thousand dollars.

Are you fine with a very plain door, or do you want adornments, carvings, windows, and more? Start with less than what you can afford, and keep in mind that total costs will be more than just the price of the door itself.

You’ll also be paying for the hardware and accessories (like the doorknobs and locks), and don’t forget about the cost for the removal of your old door and the installation of the new one if these services aren’t included with the purchase.

Some wood exterior doors will insulate your home better, which will lower heating and cooling costs. These doors are usually more expensive, but when you factor in what you’ll save on energy they can be a very good deal.

It’s a question of form vs function – you can pay for a more beautiful door, or you can settle for a serviceable but more ordinary door.

Picking Your Door Style and Finish

Your wood exterior doors should complement the overall design of your home, making for a pleasant view from the curb. It’s a concept known as curb appeal.

Usually, a front door will match any shutters on a house, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. Neutral-colored siding on a house can go well with many bright colors, so don’t limit yourself to a boring door. Bright doors are inviting and beg to be opened.

If your home features arches, an arch on your door will match nicely. If you have a lot of small windows, some small glass inserts in your door will also go well.

Do you have a porch? If so, the color of your beams and walls should be taken into consideration.

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